the system of direct provision in Ireland was introduced as an emergency response for asylum seekers, two decades later 32 of 39 centres are privately run for profit businesses (companies that are linked to US prisons) that take away the basic human rights of asylum seekers.


Privacy & overcrowded living conditions: Residents live in shared accommodation, with single adults sharing rooms with up to eight people of different backgrounds and nationalities.

Length of time: The average length of stay in Direct Provision is 24 months, with some residents having spent up to 10 or 12 years living in these conditions.

Standards & monitoring: The living conditions vary widely from centre to centre. there is no independent complaints procedure and There is little trust in the RIA complaints procedure & limited publicly accessible information on complaints or transfer decisions. The existing inspection system focuses on health & safety issues and does not consider the social or emotional needs of residents.

Children & family life: 30% of Direct Provision residents are children. Children have been born and raised living in these conditions, the long-term developmental effects of which are still unknown

Isolated locations: Some centres are located in rural areas, with limited transport options and support services.

Food: Three meals are provided at set times each day not allowing for religious or cultural differences; limited cooking facilities available in a small number of centres.

Poverty: An allowance of €38.80 is provided on a weekly basis.
Education: Limited access to further & higher education.

Employment: Until February 2018, asylum seekers had no right to work in Ireland – unlike most EU member states.

Profit: The majority of Direct Provision centres are managed by private contractors on a for-profit basis, on behalf of the State.

Health: Physical and mental health issues among residents are very common. Asylum seekers are 5 times more likely to experience mental health issues and psychiatric conditions.

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